Our Story

InnoVision Medical Technologies (IMT) was founded by Dr. Nader Habashi, an ICU physician frustrated with his ability to get the information he needed to deliver optimal patient care. While the patient’s medical record consolidates past health information and notes from other providers, data from the medical devices used to monitor and treat the patient all have their own displays and their data is added to the medical record through manual charting. The lack of connectivity delays the availability of critical data, increases the labor of documentation data from multiple medical devices gets in the way of delivering the best possible care to seriously ill patients.

Dr. Habashi found Eldon Metz, a talented software architect and coder with deep experience building state of the art embedded software modules that work on multiple operating systems. With clinical and financial support from Dr. Habashi, Eldon and his team developed a software solution that met the technical and clinical challenges of medical device interoperability.

The IMT solution allows hospitals and other medical care providers to seamlessly integrate the medical devices they use with IT systems, patient records and other medical devices. The solution complies with the new comprehensive standards for interoperability that define nomenclature, communication protocols, cybersecurity and data formatting. Eldon is an active participant in the collaborative efforts in the interoperability working groups to define the standards. Other collaborators in this effort include leading hospital systems, electronic health records companies and medical device and diagnostics suppliers.

Ultimately IMT made the decision that the best way to achieve full interoperability and true plug and play for medical devices was to create a strong commercial entity to make the enabling technology accessible to all. Lise Halpern joined IMT in May 2021 bringing strong expertise in commercializing breakthrough medical technology and building high growth companies from the start-up stage. IMT brings a new, simpler approach to medical device interoperability that does not require large infrastructure or losing data ownership to get connectivity.

Certified by the Center for Medical Interoperability

At InnoVision we believe that better healthcare outcomes can be achieved with greater interoperability between devices and systems regardless of manufacturer or supplier.  We are committed to promoting standards and collaboration on communication, cybersecurity and protection of personal health information.

InnoVision has been an active participant and supporter of The Center for Medical Interoperability is a 501(c)(3) cooperative research and development lab founded collaboratively by some of the leading health systems in the United States to simplify and advance data sharing among medical technologies and systems.

Real-time data transmission and device connection that enables faster decisions and better patient care