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Interoperability Platform

Creating a cloud based network of connected devices

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Cloud Connectivity

Our cloud connectivity platform enables seamless simultaneous data transmission from medical devices to any and all data consumers in the hospital. 

  • Forwards HL7 messages from medical devices or Gateways to EMR, etc.

  • Enables devices and Gateways to be updated  and configured from the cloud

  • Easy to use dashboard shows the status of any connected device.

Data Transmission

  • Simplified association interface by location, for patients and devices. 

  • Bar code scanner support

  • Admit Discharge Transfer messaging support for automatic detection of  patient and location 

  • Secure communication using TLS 1.2 or higher with X.509 certificates

  • Open standards based - IHE, IEEE 11073, HL7, TCP/IP, OCSP, X.509



Allows healthcare IT administrators to manage all connected hospital devices remotely from one interface. Monitor device status, push software updates, and troubleshoot issues from any securely connected computer or mobile device

Let’s Connect!

Want to see a demo of the cloud connectivity platform?

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