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InnoVision solution verified by Center for Medical Interoperability (C4MI)

InnoVision’s solution for patient monitors is first to receive C4MI verification

Baltimore, MD: InnoVision Medical is the first medical interoperability software developer to submit an embedded software solution for patient monitors to receive verification by the Center for Medical Interoperability (C4MI).

“The C4MI Verified program helps enable plug-and-play interoperability by improving data quality for the industry through semantic and syntactic conformance to the requirements in C4MI’s specifications,” said Trevor Pavey, Head of C4MI lab, Testing and Certification. “By improving the mapping of patient vital sign data from multiple device vendors into core systems, data can become more easily usable by clinicians to improve treatment and outcomes. The program, supported by a rigorous testing capability at C4MI’s Nashville based lab, also verifies security and provisioning capabilities of the patient monitoring systems. We are thrilled that the InnoVision software has successfully completed our verification testing.”

InnoVision is a leader in developing vendor-neutral hardware and software solutions to create verifiable interoperability between medical devices and systems. On August 5, 2020 InnoVision’s embedded interoperability library running on Laird Connectivity Hardware attached to a Draeger Infinity monitor became the first solution to officially pass testing at C4MI and receive verification.

“Passing the C4MI Verified program is a major step forward for secure plug and play interoperability,” said Eldon Metz, InnoVision’s Director of Technology. “InnoVision Medical provides vendor neutral software and hardware options that can be embedded natively or in external form. InnoVision Medical also provides a medical device connectivity and remote management platform that fully realizes plug and play all while meeting stringent compliance and security requirements based on open standards.”

InnoVision is in the process of expanding support to other monitor and ventilation device manufacturers, in embedded and external gateway forms.

About InnoVision Medical: InnoVision Medical builds interoperability solutions for healthcare providers and embedded custom interoperability solutions for device manufacturers, allowing medical care providers to seamlessly integrate the medical devices they use with IT systems and patient records.

About C4MI: The Center for Medical Interoperability is a 501(c)(3) cooperative research and development lab founded by health systems to simplify and advance data sharing among medical technologies and systems.