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Ready to deploy customizable software solutions to your medical device  interoperability needs.  Our software products have been designed and tested to comply with all HIPAA, IHE and IEEE standards for medical device interoperability.   Leverage our software, experience and expertise to get your project to completion fast and without a big investment in infrastructure and development. 

Gateway Boxes

Gateway boxes contain the interoperability library.  Plugged into external data ports they translate proprietary protocols into compliant messages easily understood by hospital data consumers such as EMR systems.  The boxes also enable wifi data transmission.

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Image by Umberto

Interoperability Libraries

Our OS agnostic interoperability libraries are ready to deploy code that can be easily integrated and embedded in your code.  Enable your device to speak standard messaging protocols and/or understand data output from other devices.


Interoperability Platform

Our cloud managed connectivity platform allows you to send data anywhere, and see and manage the status of any connected device.  No hardware or infrastructure required it runs on your cloud or ours.


We have compiled here useful information on IHE  and Center for Medical Interoperability standards and frameworks, validation and verification procedures, best practices in code development and deploying solutions.

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