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Interoperability Libraries

Medical device libraries that facilitate secure communication with other devices, hospital IT, and patient record systems.  We use IHE standard communication frameworks to assure broad compatibility and easy integration.  Customizable for device specific library requirements.

Embeddable  Code

Portable code compatible with multiple operating systems and hardware configurations.

Proven Interoperability

Demonstrated at third party test events such as Center for interoperability testing and IHE Connectathons.

Cloud Enabled Updates

Easy to update, including cybersecurity patches for new threats, with cloud enables communication.

Easily Understood Data Output

Harmonized Rosetta in HL7 2.x consistent with IHE and IEEE communication frameworks.

Standards Compliant

Open standards based - IHE, IEEE 11073, HL7, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, NTP, TLS, OCSP, X.509


Secure communication using TLS 1.2 or higher with X.509 certificates. ActiveDirectory or other LDAP support for user authentication.

Medical Device Use Cases

Image by National Cancer Institute

Communicate with the EMR

Send standardized terms understood by most major EMR systems, and  private terms as needed.  Device data appears in the patient record

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