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Gateway Boxes

Gateway box.png

Gateway boxes translate proprietary data output  such as settings, measurements, and messages into formats easily understood by EMR systems, other IT applications and other medical devices.   Sitting external to the medical device the gateway does not impact to device operation or trigger a regulatory submission and do not require hard wiring or on premise hardware or software infrastructure.



 RS232, USB, HDMI inputs.  Processes device specific data into standardized terminology.

Data Transmission

Wired or wireless data transmission without incremental infrastructure.

Remote configuration

Wireless configuration and update for easy installation and maintenance.


 HL7 messages based on harmonized Rosetta and IHE, IEEE 11073, TCP/IP, TLS, OCSP, X.509. 

Vendor Neutral

Translation libraries for a variety of devices and the ability to rapidly create new libraries.


Signed and secured at every layer using TLS 1.2 or higher with X.509 certificates.

Use Cases

Image by National Cancer Institute

Communicate with the EMR

Enable connectivity in legacy devices.  Send standardized terms understood by most major EMR systems, and  private terms as needed.  Data appears in the patient record. OEM options available.

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