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Cloud Power - the Benefits of Cloud Based Integration

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Anyone that has used cloud-based systems knows the value of being able to configure anywhere, anytime. This is certainly true for medical devices in the hospital. It makes life so much easier when you can configure and see medical device status right on your phone or tablet, even inside the room with the medical device. Add the optional rechargeable batteries to our MGT5 gateway, and you don’t even need a power cables when adding a new device.

This flexibility can be very helpful. For example, configure an anesthesia machine for connectivity outside of an OR that is heavily utilized. Get the device connected in a minimal amount of time without disrupting the busy OR. Instead of powering down the device and powering it back up when moving from location to location, it stays on, and the cloud will keep your status up to date throughout. When all is good, finalize the placement and connection to the medical grade power supply.

Here is a some of the other key benefits of Cloud Connectivity:

  • Serverless – No server infrastructure required!

  • Time to install – New devices can literally be added in minutes.

  • Per device or per room gateways – Small footprint gateways that are location or device based allow medical devices to be easily and securely integrated at the point of care.

Insecure legacy serial protocols don’t need to be extended over the network using custom protocol converter hardware and cables. Instead the gateway does this directly at the device and outputs standards-based messaging with strong as close to the edge of the device as possible.

  • Per device or per room gateways help with fleet management. As devices are configured with these gateways, the manufacturer, model, version, location and operational status are all relayed to the cloud dashboard. Accurate current and retrospective analysis is then possible on utilization and other metrics.

  • OTA updates are automatic. As security vulnerabilities are identified, new versions of vendor products or protocols are released, the software updates automatically.


Interested in lowering costs and speeding up integration. Try IMTs cloud-based integration today!

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