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Assuring Patient to Device Association

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Connecting medical device data to an electronic medical record (EMR) comes with its own set of difficulties, but what happens once connectivity is established successfully? How can we assure the right data ends up in the right patient record? One answer to this is Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM), a profile created by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards committee to remedy this exact problem.

PCIM requires each message sent between devices and the EMR to include patient device association data. There are three parties to the PCIM protocol:

Medical devices can be both consumers and reporters. EMR systems can be reporters, manager and/or consumers. Other consumers include alarm management systems and medical device or procedure information management systems. Other reporters include RTLS systems.

InnoVision Medical Technologies provides an API that implements the PCIM profile in an extensible and user-friendly way. The software facilitates the reporter and manager functions and enables devices to consume PCIM protocols.

Developers interested in more details click here.

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